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14 Dec 2021
Adsorption of Transition Metal Catalysts on Carbon Supports: A Theoretical Perspective -draft2 Read more
28 Jan 2022
Emacs as a Tool for Modern Science Read more
18 Mar 2022
Data-Driven Modelling of a Pelleting Process and Prediction of Pellet Physical Properties Read more
10 May 2022
Review of Recent Progress in Green Ammonia Synthesis Read more
03 Feb 2022
Accelerating the Design of Automotive Catalyst Products Using Machine Learning Read more
11 Mar 2022
Examination of the Coating Method in Transferring Phase-Changing Materials Read more
16 Mar 2022
Towards the Enhanced Mechanical and Tribological Properties and Microstructural Characteristics of Boron Carbide Particles Reinforced Aluminium Composites: A Short Overview Read more
05 Apr 2022
Unlocking Scientific Knowledge with Statistical Tools in JMP® Read more
01 Mar 2022
Guest Editorial: The Digitalisation of Data at Johnson Matthey Read more
07 Mar 2022
“Digitalization” Read more
08 Mar 2022
Basics of Fourier Analysis of Time Series Data Read more
06 Apr 2022
Johnson Matthey Highlights Read more
06 Jan 2022
Johnson Matthey Highlights Read more
05 Jan 2022
In the Lab: Spotlight on Surface Characterisation Activities at Johnson Matthey Read more
17 Dec 2021
Guest Editorial: Johnson Matthey and Diversity Read more
17 Dec 2021
A New Look for the Journal Website Read more
19 Jan 2022
“Women in Nanotechnology” Read more
21 Sep 2021
Johnson Matthey Launches New Platinum Group Metal Award Scheme Read more

From The Archive

Current Status of Platinum Based Nanoparticles: Physicochemical Properties and Selected Applications – A Review

Hydrocarbonyl Processes for Conversion of Platinum-Rhodium-Palladium Alloys

Mechanical Properties of Platinum Jewellery Casting Alloys

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