Special Issues

‘Special Issues’ are themed collections of past articles from the Johnson Matthey Technology Review and Platinum Metals Review archives relevant to a particular area of science or technology

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Download Issue PDF (3.2 MB)

Palladium Impurity Removal from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Process Streams

FINAL ANALYSIS: The Use of Metal Scavengers for Recovery of Palladium Catalyst from Solution

Safer, Faster and Cleaner Reactions Using Encapsulated Metal Catalysts and Microwave Heating

Catalysis in the Service of Green Chemistry: Nobel Prize-Winning Palladium-Catalysed Cross-Couplings, Run in Water at Room Temperature

The 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Palladium-Catalysed Cross-Coupling

“Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions: Practical Aspects and Future Developments”

The Directed ortho Metallation–Cross-Coupling Fusion: Development and Application in Synthesis

Palladium/Nucleophilic Carbene Catalysts for Cross-Coupling Reactions

A Highly Active Palladium(I) Dimer for Pharmaceutical Applications

Final Analysis: Is Gold a Catalyst in Cross-Coupling Reactions in the Absence of Palladium?

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Iridium Coating: Processes, Properties and Application. Part I

Enhanced Space Astronomy Using Platinum Group Metals

Platinum-clad Isotope Fuel Capsule for Space Applications

Platinum In Telstar Satellite

Thermophysical Properties of Platinum Group Metals in their Liquid Undercooled and Superheated Phases

Noble Metal Alloys as Strain Gauge Materials

Thermoelectric Generators Provide Power During Space Missions

The Viking Mission to Mars

Oxygen for Space Vehicles

Oxygen Injection Engine for Space Research

Space Station Resistojets

Space Station Auxiliary Propulsion Jets

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Diesel Engine Emissions and Their Control

Application of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter for Diesel Engine Powered Non-Road Machines

Final Analysis: NOx Emissions Control for Euro 6

SAE 2014 Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Symposium

“Urea-SCR Technology for deNOx After Treatment of Diesel Exhausts”

Frontiers in Environmental Catalysis

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Development of Low Temperature Three-Way Catalysts for Future Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Final Analysis: The Impact of CO2 Legislation on PGM Demand in Autocatalysts

Final Analysis: Opportunities for Platinum Group Metals in Future Emissions Control Technology

A Study of Platinum Group Metals in Three-Way Autocatalysts

X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopic Studies of Platinum Speciation in Fresh and Road Aged Light-Duty Diesel Vehicle Emission Control Catalysts

Cleaning the Air We Breathe – Controlling Diesel Particulate Emissions from Passenger Cars

Diesel Engine Emissions and Their Control

Final Analysis: NOx Emissions Control for Euro 6

Automobile Emission Control Systems

High Temperature Durability Trial

Haren Gandhi 1941–2010: Contributions to the Development and Implementation of Catalytic Emissions Control Systems

40 Years of Cleaner Air: The Evolution of the Autocatalyst

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Crystallographic Properties of Platinum

Crystallographic Properties of Platinum

Crystallographic Properties of Rhodium

Crystallographic Properties of Iridium

Crystallographic Properties of Palladium

Crystallographic Properties of Ruthenium

Crystallographic Properties of Osmium

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

Chemistry of the Platinum Metals

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Centenary of the Discovery of Platinum in the Bushveld Complex

The Platinum Group Element Deposits of the Bushveld Complex in South Africa

“The Story of Platinum”

CATSA 2009 Conference

Carbon Nanotubes as Supports for Palladium and Bimetallic Catalysts for Use in Hydrogenation Reactions

Palladium-Polyaniline and Palladium-Polyaniline Derivative Composite Materials

Casting Platinum Jewellery Alloys

Casting Platinum Jewellery Alloys

Mechanical Properties Data for Pt-5 wt.% Cu and Pt-5 wt.% Ru Alloys

Platinum Alloys for Shape Memory Applications

Electrolytic Etching of Platinum-Aluminium Based Alloys

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

The Platinum Decathlon – A Tribute to the Foresight of Antoine Baumé

Jewellery-Related Properties Of Platinum

A Healthy Future: Platinum in Medical Applications

The Manufacture of Continuous Glass Fibres

The Ammonia Oxidation Process for Nitric Acid Manufacture

Lean-Burn Oxygen Sensor Material

Platinum Catalysts in Petroleum Refining

Final Analysis: Opportunities for Platinum Group Metals in Future Emissions Control Technology

PGM HIGHLIGHTS: Platinum in Next-Generation Materials for Data Storage

Platinum Catalysts Used in the Silicones Industry

Some Biological Effects of Platinum Compounds

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

The Discoverers of the Platinum Isotopes

The Discoverers of the Iridium Isotopes

The Discoverers of the Osmium Isotopes

The Discoverers of the Palladium Isotopes

The Discoverers of the Rhodium Isotopes

The Discoverers of the Ruthenium Isotopes

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Bicentenary of Four Platinum Group Metals

The Discovery of Iridium and Osmium

The Early Life of Smithson Tennant FRS (1761–1815)

Plaque to Osmium and Iridium Discoveries

Nicolas Louis Vauquelin

Friedrich Wöhler and His Lifelong Interest in the Platinum Metals

A History of Iridium

The Melting of Iridium

Sir William Crookes

Centenary of the Convention of the Metre

Standard Kilogram Weights

New Techniques in the Manufacture of Platinum-Iridium Mass Standards

Osmium Tetroxide and Its Applications

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Haren Gandhi 1941–2010: Contributions to the Development and Implementation of Catalytic Emissions Control Systems

Cleaning the Air We Breathe – Controlling Diesel Particulate Emissions from Passenger Cars

Twenty-Five Years of Autocatalysts

“Catalytic Air Pollution Control: Commercial Technology”, 3rd Edition

Automotive Exhaust Emissions Control

Vehicle Emissions Control Technologies

Exhaust Emissions Control Developments

Advanced Exhaust Emissions Control

Aftertreatment for Low Emission Vehicles

Emission Control Technology at Detroit

Emission Control Technology at Detroit

Emission Control Technology

Developments in Emission Control Technology

Download Issue PDF (4.8 MB)

Platinum Group Metals in Glass Making

Platinum in the Glass Industry

Platinum in the Glass Industry

The Wetting of Platinum and Its Alloys By Glass

The Wetting of Platinum and Its Alloys By Glass

The Wetting of Platinum and Its Alloys By Glass

The Search for Alternatives to Rhodium-Platinum Alloys

Dispersion Strengthened Platinum

Dispersion-Strengthened Rhodium-Platinum

Dispersion Strengthened Gold-Platinum

Composite Platinum Group Metals

New Dispersion Strengthened Platinum Alloy

Platinum in the Glass Industry

Advanced Coating Technology A.C.T.{xref ref-type="fn" rid="fn1"/}